Green Minds, Go Green Inside

We started in 2015 with a vision to work on making a difference in peoples lives.

Since then we have evolved to becoming a strong people development company. We started with a Guinness world record, which strengthened our belief that if you want to achieve something you can.

We are our mind and keeping it right will take us places. To make lives better, greening minds of people becomes the first step hence our name 'Green Minds'. If we can go green inside ourselves, we can see green everywhere. These are the mantras we use.

People Development

Our strength is human connections, we love building that

We understand the need of the client and create interventions accordingly. We don't use one template for all, the programs are customised to suit their objectives. We also have created our own core programs that have shown tremendous impact for clients in behavioural change, leadership and personal transformations.

We are here to help and support you in every possible way. Our interventions come from a holistic approach, keeping in mind sustainable change implementation. We do not believe in quick results but something anchors change deeply.

Green Minds Advantage

Here is why working with us is fun and exciting

Our Founder & CEO, Abirambika Ravivarman is an ICF coach and she strongly believes that every individual has immense potential and if tapped in the right way can achieve greater levels. She has been constantly working towards making our offerings more impactful.

We are a group of dedicated professionals who comes with similar passion for people development. We have been innovating & providing great support for all our clients till date.

  • We focus on feelings and emotions leading to actions.
  • We consistently prioritise a behavior with a function targeting the future.
  • We believe in building the inherent strength of your human force.
  • We trust the capabilities of your workforce and their creative thinking skills.
  • We believe that positive changes are possible with consistent efforts.
  • Individuals who participate in our programs are happier, healthier and more productive in their lives.