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New realities of businesses demand enterprise resilience through a strong workforce. Lifefulness is the key to transform your human capital.

Green Minds is a growth facilitator. At our core is Lifefulness, a concept which helps humans approach personal and professional life with an optimistic mindset while building resilience and adapting to an ever changing environment.
We are here to enable this in your organization.

What We Do

We are passionate about understanding how human mind works and the connections it can make.
At Green Minds, we customize developmental models to synergize the organization's goals, roles and functions. We design better workforce experiences that help enhance productivity. We create sustainable human resource ecosystems that can thrive despite volatile situations. Our programs to enable growth mindsets, behavioural wellness and self-transformations.


Executive & Leadership Coaching

Enabling deeper understanding of self through powerful coaching
Behavioural Programs

Behavioural Programs

Inculcating great interpersonal relationships and productive emotions with healthy mindsets and positive habits.
Lifeful Leadership

Lifeful Leadership

A very unique leadership program developed for growing leaders. A leader who transforms inside creates a huge impact for self, others & the organization. Special Women leadership programs too.
Mental & Emotional Wellness

Mental & Emotional Wellness

Imparting interesting interventions required to support employees with mental and emotional wellbeing.
Transformational Programs

Transformational Intelligence

Our TI programs are the most effective with building awareness towards personal transformations.
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Our Powerhouse women is a women exclusive program designed keeping in mind wholesome development for women employees.

Who We Are

Passionate About People Development & Growth

We infuse transformations in people.
We love facilitating change.
We enjoy the process of building optimistic mindsets.
We believe that working with people is the secret to organisational success.

How We Do

We Believe In Possibilities

Every person has immense strength and we believe that these can be well utilised to enabling new possibilities. We work with you, your organisation and your people to make possibilities happen.

We work to empower your organisation with a human resource force that will align personal growth to that of the company. Imagine every tiny block in a lego construction to be a part of your workforce. The entire design works simply because every tiny block works in cohesion. Our aim is to enable this simple, yet vital relationship in your organisation.

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